Clothing Name Stamp Australia - Fantasy - 33x13mm with keychain - Stamp For Fabric Clothes Textile


Clothing Name Stamp Australia Personalised Stamp for Fabric Clothes Textile Paper 

Fabric Name Stamp Australia/Wash-Resistant Waterproof Fabric Ink/Self-inking/Personalised Name Stamper Australia/Custom name label for Clothes & Textile/Clothing Label Stamps/Laundry Safe/Instant Design Preview


Clothing Name Stamp Australia 50 Fonts 100 Cartoon Icons, Fabric Textile Name Stamp, Waterproof Textile Ink, Personalised Name Label

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- 1 x customised name stamp

- 5ml of textile ink for re-ink (black or white depending on what ink you choose for your stamp)

- 20 rectangular name stickers


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- Stamper: 45mm x 44mm x 24mm
- Impression: approx. 33mm x 13mm


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- Black or white ink


  • Choose the stamper you want
  • Click ‘Design your stamp’ to design your stamp
  • Purchase the item
  1. No changes will be allowed after purchase. Please carefully input your name and choose your icon when personalising your stamp.

** This is a customised product so once you pay, no return and/or refund will be accepted. Please carefully consider this before making your purchase.

*** If you need a customised stamp in a larger size, check out our Clothing Label Stamp collection.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at email

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1. If you use it frequently, clean it when you see that the print is saturated with ink.

2. Put it in a cool place away from direct sunlight, below 30 degrees Celsius.
3. CAUTION: Always use the ink provided by us to re-ink your stamp. Using other ink to re-ink might ruin your stamp.
4. CAUTION: The ink is not edible and should be kept out of reach of kids. The stamp is not a toy, please supervise your kids when they are using it.


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Product Limitations (Must-Read)

1. Our stamps are dyeing-ink based stamps. When stamping on thin clothes/thin fabrics the ink might or might not go through another side of the clothes, depending on the material of the clothes and the pressure you use to stamp. Choosing a thin font and a thin icon for your stamp and stamping gently can reduce the chance to let the ink go through another side of the thin clothes/thin fabrics. *Please note that our ink will not go through another side of thick clothes, thick fabrics or paper.

2. If you want to stamp on clothes/fabrics, we suggest you to stamp on 100% absorbent material only. Most of the clothes tags are made of non-absorbent material so stamps applied on them will be bled/never dried. Some clothes/fabrics are made of a mixture of absorbent and non-absorbent material, stamps applied on these items might/might not be bled as the ink is not fully absorbed/dried.

***Your purchase of our stamp requires that you understand the above limitations of our stamps.