Crochet Lace Collar Bib


Crochet Baby Girl Toddler Collar Bib, Pink Lace Collar, Birthday Baby Bib, Wedding Baby Bib, Baptism Bib, Christening Bib

Super soft and comfortable collar bib made of 100% cotton.

The width of the collar is approximately 8.5-9 cm
The neckline of the bib is approximately 26-27 cm

It fits perfectly to baby and toddler from 0-24 months.
0-6 months - can use as a bib
6-12 months - can use as a large collar
12-24 months - can use as a collar
24 months or older girl may still use it as a collar, depends on the size of her neck.

Note: please supervise your baby when wearing the bib and remember not to leave the bib on while your baby is sleeping as it may pose a strangulation hazard.