Clothing Name Stamp - Fantasy - 33x13mm with keychain - Stamp On Fabric or Paper


Name Stamp for Clothes/Fabric Name Stamp/Clothing Stamp Australia/Fabric Stamp/Name Label Stamp

Label all your kid’s clothing and other items including shoes, towels, backpacks, hats, books and much more with this easy-to-use fabric name stamp. A perfect and practical gift for new parents and school kids. Your kids are gonna be so excited about stamping their stuff, and all you need to do is buy this. 

Our stamps are made right here in Australia! We use the highest quality machines and materials, to ensure clear impressions and lasting stamps. We use non-toxic and no odor textile ink. Ink in the stamp can last 1,000 impressions or more before needing to be re-inked.

Clothing Name Stamp Australia 50 Fonts 100 Cartoon Icons, Fabric Textile Name Stamp, Waterproof Textile Ink, Personalised Name Label

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- 1 x personalised name stamp

- 5ml of textile ink for re-ink (black or white depending on what ink you choose for your stamp)

- 20 handwritten stickers for belongings


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- Stamper: 45mm x 44mm x 24mm
- Impression: approx. 33mm x 13mm


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- Black or white ink

The black ink stamp can resist about 50 washes at 60°C before it starts to fade. 

The white ink stamp is semi-permanent so it may start to fade after a few washes. It can last longer if you only do the wash on a cold cycle. If impression has faded, just re-stamp it.


  • Choose the stamper you want
  • Click ‘Design your stamp’ to design your stamp
  • Purchase the item
  1. No changes will be allowed after purchase. Please carefully input your name and choose your icon when personalising your stamp.

** This is a customised product so once you pay, no return and/or refund will be accepted. Please carefully consider this before making your purchase.

*** If you need a customised stamp in a larger size, check out our Clothing Label Stamp collection.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at email

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1. If you use it frequently, clean it when you see that the print is saturated with ink.

2. Put it in a cool place away from direct sunlight, below 30 degrees Celsius.
3. CAUTION: Always use the ink provided by us to re-ink your stamp. Using other ink to re-ink might ruin your stamp.
4. CAUTION: The ink is not edible and should be kept out of reach of kids. The stamp is not a toy, please supervise your kids when they are using it.


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Product Limitations (Must-Read)

1. When stamping on thin clothes/fabrics ink might seep through another side, depending on the type of material and the pressure you use to stamp. Therefore, for thin items we suggest you to stamp on the thick band/neckline of tops and waistband of pants. *Please note that our ink does not seep through another side of thick clothes/fabrics or paper.

2. Stamping on completely flat and absorbent material only. Most of the clothes/bag tags are made of non-absorbent material so stamps applied on them will not set (will blur). Some clothes/fabrics are made of a mixture of absorbent and non-absorbent material, stamps applied on these items might blur as the ink cannot be fully absorbed/set.

3. Our stamps work best on tightly woven fabrics, such as cotton, linen and denim. Stamping on synthetic fabric, polyester, fluffy and waterproof fabric are not recommended.

***Your purchase of our stamps requires that you understand the above limitations.